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I have heard many in my time and I can almost guarantee that the law of diminishing returns applies to interconnects more so than any other piece in the Hi-Fi chain except perhaps mains or speaker cables. If fact you can spend thousands of pounds on a piece of wire and then spend the rest of the week convincing yourself that the purchase was worthwhile.

My advice is do not believe any advice given by anybody as to the particular charms of a cable. Listen and then decide if the cable suits your system. I offer a money back guarantee on all my cables so you can try without risk.


The cable has 7 silver plated copper conductors each of approx 0.1mm dia surrounded by a screen of 70 woven conductors of 0.08mm dia.

This is ex military spec signal cable manufactured by Thermax and is of the highest quality. I use it for all my interconnects and like the clean detailed sound that it gives. I am able to manufacture almost any interconnect you care to mention and will be posting new cables in the near future. Please contact me to discuss any particular requirements.



Built in the same way as the iPhone cable but with phonos on each end!


The benefits of adding the ferrite bead is really difficult to quantify but in a way does make the cable directional as the bead needs to be at the end of the signal path in order to collect any stray RFI. Have a look at a PC monitor cable and you will see what I mean. The length of these cables is 600mm which seems to be a standard but in my experience most cables need only to be 300mm and the shorter the cable the better all round so please contact me if you require something different.

Iphone or Roberts Radio


With the introduction of lossless recording formats like Microsoft’s "WMA" and "Apple Lossless" that it is now worth producing a cable for the ipod  or iphone which is capable of carrying this information for connection to a Hi-Fi system.

See for information on the new recording formats.

To assemble the cable I have used a Neutrix gold plated mini jack and two Neutrix phonos. I consider these particular phonos to be on a par with some of the other lighter / thinner metal bodied plugs like those used by SME or RATA.


The cable is screened but for good measure I have added a ferrite bead to each cable which will eliminate any RFI (radio frequency interference) and then encased the cables with a strong nylon braid and finished off with a blue heatshrink.  Cable length is 600mm

If you would like to try this cable out I offer a money back guarantee on all my products £29.99 delivered within the UK.



Hi-Fi Interconnect Cables


If you would like to try this cable out I offer a money back guarantee on all my products £29.99 delivered within the UK.

SME rewire
Garrard 301
Platter Damping rings
Roberts radio

I am pleased to find that Transcriptors are back in production again, the company is run by the son of the founder. His name is Micheal Gammon and can be found at